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Audio Tab

This tab contains settings for handling audio.

audio tab
  • Buffering settings determine how many seconds of audio off of disk will be buffered in memory. Longer settings reduce the risk of buffer under-runs but consume more memory. The default value is 5.0 seconds.

    • Playback sets how many seconds of audio Ardour will buffer during playback.

    • Recording sets how many seconds of audio Ardour will buffer during recording.

  • Monitoring

    • Record monitoring handled by: determines whether Ardour provides monitoring of incoming audio or whether monitoring is provided by hardware. See Monitoring for more information.

    • Tape machine mode when enabled defaults new audio tracks to tape machine mode. See Track Types for more information.

  • Connection of tracks and busses

    • Auto-connect master/monitor busses

    • Connect track inputs:

    • Connect track and bus outputs:

  • Denormals are a specific type of very small numbers that can cause issues with CPU consumption when using some plugins in some circumstances.

    Ardour provides two methods of handling the issue. Try different combinations of these settings to to find the setting that minimizes CPU consumption.

    • Use DC bias to protect against denormals adds a small constant value to numbers to move the numbers away from zero.

    • Processor handling, if the computer's hardware supports it, offers two methods that can be used individually or combined. Flush to zero and denormals are zero.

  • Plugins

    • Silence plugins when the transport is stopped

    • Make new plugins active when enabled, will activate a plugin when it is added to a track or bus Processor Box.

  • Regions

    • Enable automatic analysis of audio

    • Replicate missing region channels