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Filenames Tab

Session properties filenames tab
Session properties filenames tab

This tab is used to change how Ardour names recorded regions. If Prefix track number is selected a unique number will appear on each track in the Editor window and will prefix the region name. If the track number is 2 and the region would have been Gtr-1.1 with track number prefix turned on the region will be named 2_Gtr-1.1 instead. See XX for base of the region name.

If Prefix take name is selected and the Take name has Take1 the region will have the name Take1_Gtr-1.1 instead. If both boxes are checked the name will be Take1_2_Gtr-1.1 instead.

When Prefix take name is enabled, the first time a track is recorded it will have the specified take name. When recording is stopped, any trailing number on the end of the take name will incremented by 1. If the track name specified doesn't have a number on the end, the number 1 will be suffixed.