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Session Misc Tab

This tab has several things that don't fit on the other tabs.

Session properties misc tab
Session properties misc tab
  • MIDI Options
    • If MIDI region copies are independent is selected, when a MIDI region is copied or duplicated, the new region is not linked to the region it was copied from. If it is not selected, the copied regions are linked and any editing of one of the linked regions changes all of the linked regions.
    • The Editor can be configured to handle overlapping MIDI notes several ways.
      • never allow them
      • don't do anything in particular
      • replace any overlapped existing notes
      • shorten the overlapped existing note
      • shorten the overlapped new note
      • replace both overlapping notes with a single note
  • Glue to bars and beats
    • New markers can be glued to bars and beats
    • New regions can be glued to bars and beats
  • Settings from the session properties dialogs can be saved to the default session template.