Plugin Sidebar

Since Version 4.5, Ardour has a plugin-sidebar on the top-left side of the Mixer Window. Like other elements in that sidebar it has variable height and can be hidden by dragging it to zero-height. If it is not visible, grab the top-handle and drag it down.

Plugin Sidebar


The Plugin sidebar provides easy access to common operations. All interaction is done with the mouse and Drag/Drop.

  • The sidebar lists "favorite" plugins only.
  • Plugins can be dragged from the sidebar to any track or bus, which will add the plugin to that track/bus at the given position.
  • The list includes user-presets for the plugins. Dragging a preset to a given track/bus will load that preset after adding the plugin.
  • Double-click on a plugin or preset adds the given plugin to all selected tracks/busses pre-fader. Other insert positions are available from the context menu (right click).

The sidebar also allows to manage presets and favorites.

  • Dragging a plugin from a track into the sidebar will add it to the "favorites" and optionally create a new preset from the current settings.
  • The context-menu allows to delete presets or remove the plugin from the "favorite" list.
  • Plugins in the list can be re-ordered using drag/drop. The custom order is saved.

Note, when favorites are added with the plugin-manager, they are appended at the bottom of the list.