Default Keyboard Shortcuts

Window: Editor

Aligning with the Edit Point
xAlign Sync Relative
aAlign Sync
aAlign Start Relative
aAlign End
aAlign Start
Basic Editing
/Fade Range Selection
hPlay Selected Regions
pPlayhead to Mouse
"New Playlist For Selected Tracks
:Copy Playlist For Selected Tracks
questionShow Playlist Selector
fStationary Playhead
lShow Editor List
sShow Summary
{Overlaid layer display
barRaise to Top
}Stacked layer display
fFollow Playhead
zUndo (capture)
spacePlay from Edit Point and Return
"New Playlist For All Tracks
:Copy Playlist For All Tracks
rSet Range to Selected Regions
vVideo Monitor
cConsolidate Range
"New Playlist For Rec-Armed Tracks
:Copy Playlist For Rec-Armed Tracks
Changing What's Visible
-Zoom Out
=Zoom In
fFit Selection (Vertical)
UpStep Tracks Up
DownStep Tracks Down
Page_UpScroll Tracks Up
Page_DownScroll Tracks Down
+Expand Track Height
eShow Editor Mixer
zToggle Zoom State
UpMove Selected Tracks Up
DownMove Selected Tracks Down
+Shrink Track Height
underscoreZoom to Session
Defining Loop, Punch Range and Tempo Changes
0Set Tempo from Edit Range = Bar
9Set Tempo from Region = Bar
[Set Punch from Selection
]Set Loop from Selection
Editing with Edit Point
'To Previous Region Sync
1Cycle Edit Mode
2Change Edit Point
;To Next Region Sync
iInsert Region from Source List
jTrim Start at Edit Point
kTrim End at Edit Point
2Change Edit Point Including Marker
Editor Views
F1Go to View 1
F2Go to View 2
F3Go to View 3
F4Go to View 4
F5Go to View 5
F6Go to View 6
F7Go to View 7
F8Go to View 8
F9Go to View 9
F10Go to View 10
F11Go to View 11
F12Go to View 12
F1Save View 1
F2Save View 2
F3Save View 3
F4Save View 4
F5Save View 5
F6Save View 6
F7Save View 7
F8Save View 8
F9Save View 9
F10Save View 10
F11Save View 11
F12Save View 12
Grid Settings + Editor Modes
4Toggle Snap
5Previous Quantize Grid Choice
6Next Quantize Grid Choice
Markers & Locations
LeftTo Previous Region Boundary
RightTo Next Region Boundary
Mouse Modes
3Smart Mode
cCut Tool
dNote Drawing Tool
eContent Tool
gObject Tool
rRange Tool
tTime FX Tool
zZoom to Selection
Moving the Playhead in the Editor
LeftMove to Previous Transient
RightMove to Next Transient
LeftPlayhead to Previous Region Boundary
RightPlayhead to Next Region Boundary
LeftPlayhead to Previous Region Sync
RightPlayhead to Next Region Sync
Region Operations
mAdd Region Cue Marker
vSet Sync Position
uUnlink from unselected
/Set Fade In Length
\Set Fade Out Length
jTrim to Previous
kTrim to Next
2Move to Original Position
6Boost Gain
7Cut Gain
8Pitch Shift...
fRhythm Ferret...
rAdd Single Range Marker
uSelect All Inside Edit Range
Numpad +Nudge Later
Numpad -Nudge Earlier
dSelect All in Punch Range
aSelect All Objects
lSelect All in Loop Range
uSelect All Overlapping Edit Range
eSelect All After Edit Point
UpSelect Previous Track or Bus
DownSelect Next Track or Bus
UpSelect Previous Strip
DownSelect Next Strip
Track Actions from the Editor
bToggle Record Enable
iToggle MIDI Input Active for Editor-Selected Tracks/Busses
sToggle Solo

Window: Global

Global Editing Operations
,Start Range
.Finish Range
EscapeEscape (deselect all)
,Start Punch Range
.Finish Punch Range
Numpad UpFinish Range
Numpad DownStart Range
,Start Loop Range
.Finish Loop Range
Global MIDI commands
`Panic (Send MIDI all-notes-off)
Global Marker Operations
qJump to Previous Mark
wJump to Next Mark
TabAdd Mark from Playhead
Numpad EnterAdd Mark from Playhead
TabRemove Mark at Playhead
Numpad EnterRemove Mark at Playhead
Numpad LeftJump to Previous Mark
Numpad RightJump to Next Mark
Global Monitor Operations
Global NumPad Transport Functions
Numpad -Numpad Decimal
Numpad .Numpad Decimal
Numpad 0Numpad 0
Numpad 1Numpad 1
Numpad 2Numpad 2
Numpad 3Numpad 3
Numpad 4Numpad 4
Numpad 5Numpad 5
Numpad 6Numpad 6
Numpad 7Numpad 7
Numpad 8Numpad 8
Numpad 9Numpad 9
Global Playhead Operations
ReturnGo to Start
HomeGo to Start
LeftPlayhead to Previous Grid
RightPlayhead to Next Grid
EndGo to End
LeftNudge Playhead Backward
RightNudge Playhead Forward
Global Session & File Handling
eQuick Audio Export...
nAdd Track, Bus or VCA...
sSnapshot (& keep working on current version) ...
eExport to Audio File(s)...
eStem export...
Global Transport & Recording Control
aSolo Selection
lPlay Loop Range
spaceStart Recording
lessRecord w/Preroll
greaterRecord w/Count-In
rEnable Record
UpTransition to Roll
DownTransition to Reverse
spaceStop and Forget Capture
Numpad +Nudge Next Later
Numpad -Nudge Next Earlier
spacePlay Selection
`Use External Positional Sync Source
Global Transport Modes
7Auto Return
8Punch In/Out
3Follow Range
7Auto Play
Global Window Visibility
Numpad /Focus On Clock
Page_UpPrevious Tab
Page_DownNext Tab
fMaximise Mixer Space
cShow Cues
kVirtual Keyboard
mShow Mixer
rShow Recorder
aAudio Connections
mMIDI Connections
fMaximise Editor Space
tSelect All Visible Lanes
iInvert Selection

Window: MIDI

Note Editing
,Move Note Start Earlier
.Move Note Ends Later
cEdit Note Channels
qQuantize Selected Notes
vEdit Note Velocities
TabSelect Next
LeftNudge Notes Earlier (grid)
UpTranspose Up (semitone)
RightNudge Notes Later (grid)
DownTranspose Down (semitone)
DeleteDelete Selection (alternate)
ISO_Left_TabAdd Next to Selection (alternate)
TabAdd Next to Selection
UpTranspose Up (octave, allow mush)
DownTranspose Down (octave, allow mush)
,Move Note Start Later
.Move Note Ends Earlier
dDuplicate Note Selection
eExtend Note Selection
iInvert Note Selection
TabSelect Previous
UpIncrease Velocity
DownDecrease Velocity
ISO_Left_TabAdd Previous to Selection (alternate)
TabAdd Previous to Selection
UpIncrease Velocity (allow mush)
DownDecrease Velocity (allow mush)
,Move Note Start Earlier (fine)
.Move Note Ends Later (fine)
LeftNudge Notes Earlier (1/4 grid)
UpTranspose Up (octave)
RightNudge Notes Later (1/4 grid)
DownTranspose Down (octave)
UpTranspose Up (semitone, allow mush)
DownTranspose Down (semitone, allow mush)
,Move Note Start Later (fine)
.Move Note Ends Earlier (fine)
UpIncrease Velocity (fine)
DownDecrease Velocity (fine)
UpIncrease Velocity (fine, allow mush)
DownDecrease Velocity (fine, allow mush)

Window: Recorder

Recorder Page
rRecord Arm All Tracks
rDisable Record Arm of All Tracks

Window: Mixer

Mixer Scenes
F1Recall Mixer Scene #1
F2Recall Mixer Scene #2
F3Recall Mixer Scene #3
F4Recall Mixer Scene #4
F5Recall Mixer Scene #5
F6Recall Mixer Scene #6
F7Recall Mixer Scene #7
F8Recall Mixer Scene #8
F9Recall Mixer Scene #9
F10Recall Mixer Scene #10
F11Recall Mixer Scene #11
F12Recall Mixer Scene #12
F1Store Mixer Scene #1
F2Store Mixer Scene #2
F3Store Mixer Scene #3
F4Store Mixer Scene #4
F5Store Mixer Scene #5
F6Store Mixer Scene #6
F7Store Mixer Scene #7
F8Store Mixer Scene #8
F9Store Mixer Scene #9
F10Store Mixer Scene #10
F11Store Mixer Scene #11
F12Store Mixer Scene #12
Navigation operations
LeftScroll Mixer Window to the left
RightScroll Mixer Window to the right
Operations on the selected strip(s)
0Set Gain to 0dB on Mixer-Selected Tracks/Busses
dToggle Disk Monitoring
iToggle Input Monitoring
mToggle Mute on Mixer-Selected Tracks/Busses
rToggle Rec-enable on Mixer-Selected Tracks/Busses
UpIncrease Gain on Mixer-Selected Tracks/Busses
DownDecrease Gain on Mixer-Selected Tracks/Busses
iToggle MIDI Input Active for Mixer-Selected Tracks/Busses
Playhead to Start Marker
ReturnGo to Start
Processor operations on the selected strip(s)
/Toggle Selected Plugins
DeleteDelete Selected Processors
aSelect All (visible) Processors
cCopy Selected Processors
vPaste Selected Processors
xCut Selected Processors
Window Visibility
lMixer: Show Mixer List
mMixer: Show Monitor Section
vMixer: Show VCAs
mShow Editor
UpSelect Previous Mixer Strip
DownSelect Next Mixer Strip

Window: Step Editing

'Toggle Triple Notes
,Set Note Velocity to Fortississimo
.Toggled Dotted Notes
0Switch to the 11th octave
1Switch to the 2nd octave
2Switch to the 3rd octave
3Switch to the 4th octave
4Switch to the 5th octave
5Switch to the 6th octave
6Switch to the 7th octave
7Switch to the 8th octave
8Switch to the 9th octave
9Switch to the 10th octave
`Switch to the 1st octave
aInsert Note C
bSet Note Velocity to Mezzo-Forte
cSet Note Velocity to Piano
dInsert Note E
eInsert Note D-sharp
fInsert Note F
gInsert Note G
hInsert Note A
jInsert Note B
mSet Note Velocity to Fortississimo
nSet Note Velocity to Forte
sInsert Note D
tInsert Note F-sharp
uInsert Note A-sharp
vSet Note Velocity to Mezzo-Piano
wInsert Note C-sharp
xSet Note Velocity to Pianissimo
yInsert Note G-sharp
zSet Note Velocity to Pianississimo
BackSpaceMove Insert Position Back by Note Length
TabInsert a Note-length Rest
UpMove to Next Note Velocity
DownMove to Previous Note Velocity
F1Set Note Length to Whole
F2Set Note Length to 1/2
F3Set Note Length to 1/3
F4Set Note Length to 1/4
F5Set Note Length to 1/8
F6Set Note Length to 1/16
F7Set Note Length to 1/32
F8Set Note Length to 1/64
barToggle Chord Entry
.No Dotted Notes
TabInsert a Snap-length Rest
UpMove to Next Note Length
DownMove to Previous Note Length

Window: Monitor Section

aAfter Fade Listen (AFL) solo
bToggle Monitor Section Processor Box
eToggle exclusive solo mode
iIn-place solo
lCut monitor channel 0
oToggle mute overrides solo mode
pPre Fade Listen (PFL) solo
rCut monitor channel 1
lInvert monitor channel 0
rInvert monitor channel 1
lSolo monitor channel 0
rSolo monitor channel 1
lDim monitor channel 0
rDim monitor channel 1

Window: Processor Box


Window: Cues

F1Trigger Cue A
F2Trigger Cue B
F3Trigger Cue C
F4Trigger Cue D
F5Trigger Cue E
F6Trigger Cue F
F7Trigger Cue G
F8Trigger Cue H