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ACE Fluid Synth

This is a simple FluidSynth-based synthesizer that uses SF2 samples and comes with two built-in effects that are part of FluidSynth: reverb and chorus.

ACE Fluid Synth
ACE Fluid Synth

Available settings are:

  • Reverb enable. Toggles the reverb effect.
  • Chorus enable. Toggles the chorus effect.
  • Output level. Adjusts the output gain.
  • Reverb Room Size. Controls the room size of the reverb effect.
  • Reverb Damping. Controls the absorption of high frequencies in the reverb.
  • Reverb Width. Adjusts the stereo spread of the reverb signal.
  • Reverb Dry/Wet. Changes the mix in favor of either "dry" unprocessed signal that is being fed into the effect or the "wet" signal processed by the effect.
  • Chorus Voice Count. The voice count of the chorus.
  • Chorus Speed. The modulation speed in Hz.
  • Chorus Depth. The modulation depth of the chorus.
  • Chorus Level. The output level of the chorus signal.
  • Chorus Type. The type of the modulation wave, sine or triangle.

ACE Reasonable Synth

This is a very minimal synth with a piano-like sound, developed primarily for auditioning MIDI files. It comes with no controls, however it can be used creatively with a number of effects running on top of it.