Session Templates

Session templates are a way to store the setup of a session for future use. They do not store any audio data but can store:

  • The number of tracks and busses, along with their names
  • The plugins present on each track or bus (if any)
  • All I/O connections

Creating a Session Template

The Session > Save Template shows a dialog asking for the name of the new template, and a description.

Using a Session Template

In the New Session dialog, a panel lists the different template (factory and user-created).

Managing Templates

To manage templates, choose Window > Templates. To access this menu item, you have to have a session open.
The Manage Templates window
The Manage Templates window

Both Session templates and Track Templates can be managed through the Manage Templates window, which can perform the following actions:

  • Renaming a template
  • Removing one
  • Adding/modifying its description
  • Exporting the templates (e.g. to be used in another Ardour instance)
  • Importing templates (from e.g. another Ardour instance).

See also Adding Tracks and Busses for information on templates for individual tracks or busses.