Time Signature

The Time Signature ruler allows changing the time signature within one session. In the example below, the session starts with a time signature of 4/4, then switches to 3/4 at bar 5, then to 6/8 at bar 13. The division of the ruler and the bars/beats vertical lines on the canvas updates accordingly.

Multiple Time Signatures
Multiple Time Signatures

Ardour also supports using complex time signatures such as 11/8 or 27/32.

New time signature markers can be created in two ways:

  • -clicking on the ruler
  • Right-clicking on the ruler, then selecting the New Time Signature menu item

In both cases a new window will open to specify time signature settings:

New Time Signature dialog
New Time Signature dialog

The right-click menu for existing time signature markers provides two options:

  • Edit… to open the Edit Time Signature dialog;
  • Remove to delete the selected time signature marker.

The Time, Tempo and Time Signature section provides more hands-on information on using this ruler in production.