Favorite Plugins Window

Favorite Plugins window
The Favorite Plugins window.

The Favorite Plugins window is on the top-left side of the Mixer Window.

A selector at the top allows to switch between different views of the favorites:

  • Favorite Plugins which have been selected by the user as such,
  • Recent Plugins which are the n last used plugins, n being a chosen value in the Statistics section of the Preferences,
  • Top-10 Plugins which are the n most used plugins, n being also chosen value in the Preferences (so it is more of a "Top-n").

At the bottom of the window is a search field to look for a specific plugin.


The Favorite Plugins window provides easy access to frequently used plugins:

  • Plugin names that have a right facing triangle (▷) next to them have presets associated with them; clicking on the triangle will cause all presets associated with the plugin to show in the list.
  • Plugins can be dragged from the window to any track or bus processor box, which will add the plugin to that track or bus at the given position.
  • The list includes user-presets for the plugins. Dragging a preset to a given track or bus will load that preset after adding the plugin.
  • Double-clicking on a plugin or preset adds the given plugin to all selected tracks/busses pre-fader. Other insert positions are available from the context menu (right click).
  • Dragging a plugin from a track into the window will add it to the list and optionally create a new preset from the current settings. The horizontal line in the list shows the spot where the plugin will land.
  • The context-menu allows the deletion of presets or removal of the plugin from the list.
  • Plugins in the list can be re-ordered using drag & drop. The custom order is saved.

When favorites are added with the Plugin Selector, they are appended to the bottom of the list.