Setting Up Clip Properties

The contents of this options box partially depends on the type of data in the clip, audio or MIDI. The common settings are:

  • Name: the full name of the clip's file, usually visible in its shortened form.
  • Load: this button allows loading a clip's file into the selected trigger slot.
  • Color: here you can open a color chooser dialog to set the color of the clip's title inside the trigger slot.

The only audio-specific setting is Gain (dB) which adjusts the output volume of a clip.

For MIDI clips, there are several specific options:

  • Velocity Adj: this effectively adjusts the output volume by increasing the velocity of MIDI notes.
  • Send Patches: this enables sending a control message to load a particular patch. This is typically used for external MIDI gear such a hardware synthesizers.
  • MIDI Patches: clicking this button will open a dialog where you can select a patch to send when a MIDI clip is triggered.