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Playing Back the Cues

It is possible to play both individual clips and entire cues.

Playing Individual Clips

There are generally two ways to trigger a slot with a clip inside.

  1. Pressing a mouse button over the button to the left of the clip's name (Ardout defaults to Trigger launch style which has a classical triangle playback icon)
  2. Sending a note-on event from an external or a virtual MIDI controller

How Ardour responds to releasing the mouse button or sending a note-off event depends on the trigger launch style. This chapter covers that topic.

Once the clip starts playing, the playback indication panel for that track lights up with some information:

Playback indication
Playback indication

Left to right:

  • Clip progress, in the form of a sliding pie chart
  • Which cue is playing (it's C on the screenshot)
  • MIDI clip indication, an icon representing two beamed 1/16 notes
  • Follow count, e.g. '1/2' on the screenshot means the clip is currently being played the first time out of two times total

One way to stop a playing clip is to click the square-shaped icon in any of the empty slots in the track of interest.

Play An Entire Cue

Launching a cue. FIXME

Stopping a cue. FIXME