Track Height

At some stage of the production, a quick overview over as many tracks as possible may be required, or a detailed view into just a few, or a combination of the two. To facilitate this, the height can be configured individually for each track in the editor window, or globally.

Resizing one or a few tracks

A right click on a track header will display the Height menu, and allow to choose from a list of standard sizes. All selected tracks will be redrawn using that height.

Alternatively, moving the pointer to the bottom edge of a track header will change the cursor to a two-way vertical arrow shape. Left-dragging dynamically resizes all selected tracks.

Resizing all the tracks

The three rightmost items of the Zoom Controls, in the toolbar, allow to quickly resize multiple tracks' heights at once, or to display a selected number of tracks in the editor, or all the selected ones, etc.

Fitting to the Editor Window

Fitting one or many tracks to the Editor window can be done by selecting the tracks to display and choosing Track > Height > Fit Selection (Vertical) or using the keyboard shortcut, f. Ardour adjusts the track heights and view so that the selected tracks completely fill the vertical space available, unless the tracks cannot be fitted even at the smallest possible size.

The Visual Undo (default shortcut: Z) can be used to revert this operation.