Waveform display

The display of waveforms (or, more correctly, peak envelopes, since the actual waveform is only visible at the highest zoom levels) is configurable via the Edit > Preferences > Appearance > Editor dialog, to support different use cases and user preferences. The following options are available:

Show waveforms in regions By default, Ardour draws waveforms within audio regions. Disable this option to hide them.
Waveform scale Linear This is the traditional linear (1:1) display of the peak envelope, or, at higher zoom levels, the individual samples.
Logarithmic Alternatively, a logarithmic display of the peak envelope can be used. This will give a better idea of program loudness (it is similar to dBs) and plot soft passages more clearly, which is useful for soft recordings or small track height.
Waveform shape Traditional The zero line appears in the middle of the display and waveforms appear as positive and negative peaks above and below.
Rectified The zero line appears at the bottom of the display and waveforms appear as absolute peaks above the line only.