Controlling Visible Note Range

The visible note range in a MIDI track can be controlled in two principle ways: the note scroomer, or the scroll wheel of your mouse.

Setting the defaults

The default note range shown in new MIDI tracks is controllable in Edit > Preferences > MIDI

MIDI note range prefs
MIDI note range defaults in Preferences

Using the scroomer

The scroomer offers two kinds of control.

Shift the note range

"Grab" the scroomer in the middle and move it up or down - this adjusts the absolute note range displayed up or down.

Expand or shrink the note range

"Grab" the top or bottom handle of the scroomer, and move that up or down - this adjusts the extent of the note range displayed.

MIDI scroomer
MIDI scroomer

Using your scroll wheel

While in internal edit mode (used for editing MIDI), several scroll operations can be used to control the visible note range:

  • With no notes selected, unmodified scrolling will move the visible range up and down.
  • scroll will increase and decrease the visible range (zoom out and in)
  • scroll will expand either the top or bottom of the visible note range (depending on scroll direction). Think of this as "show me higher pitches" or "show me lower pitches".