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Adding New Notes

Adding new notes

For light MIDI editing, the Internal Edit Mode can be used. This mode allows to select notes, copy, move or delete them and alter their properties. Adding new notes in this mode is done by Left dragging. For more extensive MIDI editing, the Draw Mode. allows to Left click or drag to add a new note, without having to hold down . However, Draw Mode doesn't offer region-level editing nor rubberband selection.

In both modes, a mouse click creates a note at the pointer location (or the nearest grid point if grid is enabled), and its duration is one Grid unit, even if the grid is disabled. A mouse drag creates the note like a click does, but allows to set the duration of the note until the mouse button is released.

So, to summarize:

Selecting, moving, copying, trimming, deleting regions Note Level Editing disabled, using Grab, Range or other mouse modes
Selecting, moving, copying trimming, deleting notes Note Level Editing enabled, and using Internal Edit mode
Adding new notes enabling "Note Level Editing" and then either
  • using Draw mode and Left clicking/dragging, or
  • using Internal Edit mode and Left clicking/dragging.

There is also a step entry editor allowing to enter notes from a virtual keyboard and lots more besides.