Devices using Mackie/Logic Control Protocol

This will walk you through the process of configuring and using a MIDI control surface with Ardour that uses the Mackie Control protocol (MCP) or Logic Control protocol. Devices that have been tested and are known to work include the SSL Nucleus, Mackie Control Pro (plus extenders), Behringer devices in Mackie/Logic mode, and Steinberg CMC devices.

Enabling Mackie Control in Ardour

Navigate to Edit > Preferences > Control Surfaces. Double-click on Mackie Control to see the setup dialog:

Mackie Control Setup Dialog

From the selector at the top, choose the type of device you are using. ( What to do if your device is not listed).

Once your setup is complete, click "OK" to close the dialog. Now click on the enable checkbox for "Mackie Control".

Connecting control surface and Ardour MIDI ports

If you are using a device that uses ipMIDI, such as the SSL Nucleus, no MIDI port connections are required — Ardour and your control surface will be able to talk to each other automatically.

If you are using a device that uses normal MIDI (via a standard MIDI or USB cable), you need to connect Ardour's Mackie Control in and out ports to the MIDI ports leading to and coming from the control surface.

When you have made these connections once, Ardour will recreate them for you in the future, as long as you leave Mackie Control enabled.

Customizing your control surface

Every possible Mackie Control button can be bound to any action present in Ardour's GUI. Please check your control surface page for suggestions.

Preparing your device for use with Ardour

Most interfaces will require some configuration to send and respond to MCP.

When setting up the control surface, do not use "Pro Tools" mode. Pro Tools is the only DAW that still requires HUI. The rest of world uses Mackie Control Protocol. Ardour does not support HUI.