The Sources List

The Sources list shows all the original audio and MIDI files in the session, either recorded in takes or imported from existing files. Any column caption can be clicked to sort the list according to the clicked value:

Name The name of the region, can be modified by double-clicking it.
# Ch The number of channels, only displayed for audio files (it is 0 for MIDI files).
Captured for The name of the track the source was originally captured in.
# Xruns How many dropouts occured while capturing the source.
Tags All the tags assigned to the source.
Take ID The unique ID of the source. Uses the timestamp for when the capturing of source was started. E.g. 2023-10-16 14.08.58 means the capturing started on October 16, 2023, at 2.08pm. This is only used for audio and MIDI sources that were captured, not imported.
Orig Pos The original position at which the capturing of the source was started. The time format is whatever the user chose for the primary clock when the source was captured. Switching between time formats when capturing sources means the time format will not be the same for all captured sources.
Path File name of the captured or imported source.

Hovering the mouse pointer over a column heading shows a tool-tip which can be handy to remember what the columns are for.

right-clicking on a source in the list brings up a context menu with just one item: Remove the selected Sources. Choosing it gives several options to the user:

  • Canceling the requested action and doing nothing.
  • Removing just the regions that use the selected source, but not the sources themselves.
  • Removing both the regions that use selected sources and deleting the selected sources. The latter action cannot be undone and requires using the Session > Cleanup > Flush Wastebasket command to physically delete the sources.