The Track and Bus Group List

This shows the track/bus groups that exist in the session. These groups allow related tracks to share various properties (such as mute or record enable state). For full details, see the section called Track and Bus Groups.

The columns in this list are as follows:

Col the colour that the group uses for its tab in the editor.
Name the group name.
V whether the tracks and busses in the group are visible.
On whether the group is enabled.
G ticked if the constituents of the group are sharing gain settings.
Rel ticked if shared gains are relative.
M ticked if the constituents share mute status.
S ticked if the constituents share solo status.
Rec ticked if the constituents share record-enable status.
Mon whether the constituents share monitor settings.
Sel whether the constituents are selected together.
A whether the constituents share active status.