Master Bus Strip

The Master strip in the mixer
The Master strip in the mixer

The Master strip in Ardour is very similar to the other busses mixer strips. There are nevertheless a few differences due to the nature of the Master strip, that is being the last point of treatment before the output or rendering:

  • There is no color affected to the master strip
  • There is exactly one and only one Master Bus Strip for a session, so it cannot be saved as a template, duplicated or removed in the context menu, although it can be renamed.
  • The master strip cannot be hidden or disabled, so there is not X in the top right, nor an Active checkbox in the context menu.
  • It is by definition always solo, so there is no Solo button, and Iso and Lock are disabled.
  • If the Master bus output gain control is enabled, two controls are visible:
    • a LAN button, to start the Loudness Analyzer & Normalizer,
    • a volume slider to that can be controlled manually or set by the Normalizer.
  • If the session has a Monitoring section, two buttons are visible:
    • Mute to mute the Master bus while the monitoring is still active,
    • Mon to show/hide the monitoring section in the Mixer view.
  • It cannot belong to a mix group, so the Grp button is missing.

The Master bus strip is always fixed, at the right end of the mixer, regardless of the scrolling position.