Meterbridge is a compact view of all meters in a session. It is designed to assist for large recording sessions, particularly live recording where the amount of mics is too large to get a good overview of the entire session in either the Mixer or the Recorder window.

Meterbridge window
Meterbridge window

By default, the Meterbridge window displays a meter per each track with the track's name at the bottom and allows resetting the meter's peak as well as arm a track for recording.

Each meter has a right-click menu to select the type of the meter. Just like in the mixer channel view, tracks and regular audio busses default to Peak (+6 dBFS) and the master bus defaults to K14 (RMS). It's also possible to set the same meter type to all same-type tracks.

Additionally, it's possible to select the height of the track name panel by right-clicking above it and selecting one of the options going from Short to Venti (which is a coffee cup size reference).

Just like in the usual mixer channel view, the Arm for Recording button has a right-click menu to enable rec-safe mode to avoid accidental recording to a track of choice.

The set of readily available controls can be customized per each session on the Meterbridge page of the Session Properties dialog.

Additional controls include:

  • Mute button
  • Solo button
  • Monitor buttons
  • Fader as a gain knob

It's also possible to toggle visibility of MIDI tracks, busses, and the master bus.